Managing Multiple Bosses

Presented By: 
Vivian Scott
Wed, 11/05/2014 - 1:00pm
Webinar Length: 
75 minutes
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$49 members, $99 nonmembers

Working with one manager can be challenging but working with multiple bosses can seem overwhelming.  Spend 60 minutes learning how to establish boundaries, build solid relationships, and expand your resume as you juggle the demands of two, three, or more managers.  Get practical tips on how to sort through problems and get the work done without the drama.

Learn how to:

  • Determine when to tackle an issue and when to hold back
  • Avoid being the one in the middle
  • Uncover what the real issue is (not just what they say it is)
  • Recognize and resolve common workplace conflicts
About The Speaker: 
Vivian Scott is a Professional Certified Mediator and the author of Conflict Resolution at Work For Dummies. She spent several years in the competitive world of high tech marketing where she realized resolving conflict within the confines of office politics was paramount to success. Through creative solutions to common conflicts she successfully brought various entities together, both internally and externally, for the betterment of projects and a more productive working environment.