R&E Offering New Scholarship

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The Research and Educational Foundation wants to help you grow your career!

We're going to do that with the R&E's new 2012 EFAM Scholarship Program. The program helps cover the cost of attendance for temporarily unemployed admins or those who have never been to EFAM before. It's part of the foundation's commitment to helping admins reach and maintain their professional edge. Scholarship applications will be accepted starting Oct. 1, 2011 through Jan. 31, 2012.

Visit the updated R&E Web page to learn more about the EFAM scholarships, the foundation and how to help the R&E reach its goals. The page includes an FAQ about the R&E, PowerPoint presentation and script, scholarship information and donation forms. It's the go-to source for the R&E.

Please join the R&E as we advance the careers of administrative professionals.