Tired? Teamwork!

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When you've got a huge project and the afternoon drag, the best thing might be to avoid the coffee machine and find a few co-workers instead.

A new study published in the American Psychological Association’s Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied found that teamwork basically nullifies the negative impact of fatigue when it comes to problem solving. Researchers had U.S. Army recruits perform a series of hands-on math challenges involving filling jugs with various amounts of water. As fatigue set in, the individual recruits became increasingly inflexible and unsuccessful. Teams of recruits, however, maintained their performance despite being tired.

"In situations where fatigue is a factor, decisions should be made by teams rather than individuals when possible, the study concluded. If that isn’t practical, then organizations should train their employees to identify the inflexible thinking that can result from fatigue and possibly delay crucial decisions."

These are definitely results that can be applied in virtually any office situation. What's been your experience with the reviving power of teamwork?