Time Management: How To Avoid Death By Distraction

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Europeans developed some ingenious forms of execution in the Middle Ages. In one, the victim’s limbs were tied to four horses, which were then sent in opposite directions. The French called it “distraction.” It’s a state experienced by many office professionals today.

Time management expert and author Allyson Lewis is here to untie the horses and help you find some focus. In a video blog titled “The Science of Re-Wiring Your Brain for Success,” Lewis explains how professionals can reach their goals by simply learning how to focus.

The key, Lewis says, is understanding that your brain is set up to respond to your thoughts and actions. If we’re constantly multitasking, it’s little wonder that we feel scatter-brained. Thankfully, our brains are elastic. We can quite literally re-wire our minds in order to focus on our highest priorities. But that requires consciously deciding what is really important and setting aside the distractions:

I want to live a life doing things that are important to me, taking possession of my heart and soul. That’s when you’ll begin to cross that line and begin to do the things that matter to you.

Check out the video. It’s less than 15 minutes and packed with good advice.