Revitalization Announcement from IAAP Board

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Revitalization Announcement from IAAP Board

New information has just been announced regarding the IAAP Revitalization and Restructure! The IAAP Board of Directors have taken the time to listen to IAAP membership through chapter and division leaders, working groups, the IAAP comment phone and email contact, the web community, and especially at division meetings. After listening to your suggestions, the IAAP Board of Directors have refined plans for the restructure and revitalization initiative of IAAP.

Your patience is greatly appreciated as well as your collective and individual voice. Thank you for your honesty, candidness, and the passion you exhibit for this association. It’s clear that you are dedicated and committed to seeing IAAP succeed and thrive. We have included a few key points from the updated announcement below. If you would like to view the announcement in its entirety, please click here.


We looked at current division mapping then re-examined it to find where we could improve networking and educational opportunities with an eye on increased “critical mass of members” then drew the radius for the branches. We also took into consideration our current member demographics and potential for future growth, as well as working group recommendations.

  • Numbers and Locations: We are starting with 29 branches, each with an overlapping radius. This is our starting point to ensure success of the new structure and leaves room to grow as the new structure takes hold. A branch map is included in the announcement as well.
  • Branch Function: Branches will exist to carry out the core purpose of IAAP, giving members the opportunity to connect, learn, lead, and excel. Branches will not have governance, but will provide opportunities for volunteering and leadership development.
  • Branch Member Self-Selection: IAAP members will be free to choose any branch, or more than one branch, with which they can self-identify. Self-identifying will help members in forming Local Area Networks (LANs).

Local Area Networks

IAAP realizes the need to provide local networking, education and professional development opportunities. Local Area Networks (LANs) will serve as additional resource distributors on a more frequent basis and will be managed through their respective branch.

  • LANs are member-driven, member-created, and member-supported
  • LANs will exist solely for education and professional development and will have to meet a set of criteria defined by the board and overseen at the branch level. *Criteria for LANs will be released to members no later than November 1, 2014. Application for LANs will open next year on May 1 and close May 31.
  • LANs can be used to obtain recertification points and can meet for IAAP webinar viewing, certification study groups, etc.

Special Interest Forums

IAAP Special Interest Forums (SIFs) will replace the web community e-groups and will serve as online communities of IAAP members interested in a specific professional topic. Here are a few examples of SIF types IAAP will offer:

  • Nonprofits
  • Certification
  • Education
  • Emerging Professionals
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • New Members
  • Project Management
  • Technology
  • Virtual Administrative Professionals/Telecommuting
  • Volunteer Opportunities

As the revitalization of IAAP proceeds, many opportunities to volunteer and gain leadership experience will become available to IAAP members. Listed below are a few examples of opportunities you can take advantage of soon!

  • Branch Advisor: Will be responsible for working with HQ staff to determine event locations, speakers, special topics unique to their branch area, and targeted segments from the IAAP stakeholder community to market to for that event.
  • LAN Leader: Will be responsible for leading their specific LAN and helping to coordinate education and professional development activities and opportunities. A LAN Leader will also work with the branch advisor to publicize the LAN on the branch website and keep an updated calendar of events.
  • SIF Facilitator: Will be responsible for creating and facilitating discussions in their respective SIF.
  • Working Groups: Members will continue to serve on working groups. The IAAP Strategic Plan 2013-2018 still has many goals to meet and IAAP will continue to utilize volunteer working groups to meet those goals.
  • Association Influencers: If you don't know about our newest volunteer opportunity, the Association Influencers self-nominate and commit time and energy to be IAAP's sounding board and opinion resource.



Collectively, the board is excited about the coming year and the long-term future of IAAP. Come with us. Invest your time and energy in growing this new IAAP. You will become its future.