IAAP Revitalization, Association Influencers

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Have you heard about the exciting new initiative at IAAP? We want your ideas and opinions. We need them. We’re looking for a few good men and women to be the 2014-2015 IAAP Association Influencers. Apply now to be an Association Influencer.

Starting this year at EFAM, and going forward, we are introducing a new role for IAAP members. This group of around 300 to 400 people will be IAAP’s new Association Influencers. They will be IAAP “first responders” to help the board keep their finger on the pulse of the association and to help headquarters staff with data and information.

This year’s IAAP delegates will serve as Association Influencers but we’d also like to add a few more members. That means YOU! Chapters and divisions can fund an additional Association Influencer to go to EFAM 2014 in Milwaukee if someone from their chapter/division is chosen. Better yet, those who are chosen to be one of this year’s Association Influencers can take advantage of early bird rates through the first week of July!

If the position sounds like something you want to do, and you can meet the requirements, submit the application. The application will close on Wednesday, June 11.  We’ll contact you on Friday, June 13, and let you know if you’re chosen for this year.

Association Influencers agree to:  

  • Attend EFAM for the kick-off and a special Town Hall with the board of directors
  • Participate in short weekly/biweekly surveys
  • Be part of a pool of focus group participants for board and staff
  • Offer opinions on the profession, ideas for change within IAAP, etc.
  • Offer member-based information at the request of our business partners 
  • Be the group HQ staff approaches when the media requests member interviews
  • Serve as industry experts, providing testimonials for communications
  • Help with our new benefits research including what you want and what you’d pay
  • Serve as sounding board for working groups as needed (education, certification, trends, etc.)

Some other information about the influencers: 

  • This group will gather each year at EFAM for training and to network—and for us to say “Thanks!”
  • Influencers will communicate with one another through their own eGroup
  • Have a dedicated email to send comments and ideas
  • There will be a new group every year
  • Any member interested can apply


Read what members are saying about the new Association Influencers and why they want to be a part of it:

“IAAP needs to keep pushing forward and I feel that the Association Influencers will be vital to keeping the momentum moving. We need to think outside the box and step out of our comfort zones to accomplish the tasks ahead. The Association Influencers should be those who can see the benefits of change.”

“I would like to be part of the revitalization! [I] love IAAP and want it to be the best Administrative Professional organization in the World!”

“As a fairly new member and a young and emerging professional, I can offer the perspective of people in a similar place in their career. I am excited for the changes that  IAAP is proposing and think I can add valuable advice as the changes unfold.”

“I believe in this association. I know in my heart that the Board of Directors has made the right decision, and I want to commit my time and energy to ensure that members have a positive feeling about the changes to come.”

“I want to help change our organization for the better. I want to see us grow. I want to see it be as great as it can be.”

“I want to be an IAAP Association Influencer to support the organization during this exciting transformation. I also want to bring innovation and ideas from other IAAP members. Being a newer member, I feel the fresh ideas and open mind I have can be beneficial to the association.”


Apply now to be a 2014-2015 Association Influencer.