6 Reasons To Host A Web-Based Meeting

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By Roger Courville

In his brilliant book Start With Why, Simon Sinek makes a compelling case for what leading organizations do differently: They put “why” before “how” and “what.”

People who create the most value for their organizations with web conferencing do, too.

Let’s start with two easy assumptions:

1.      You “get it” that an online meeting can save money versus getting on an airplane, BUT…

2.      You know that people would still rather meet in-person.

Ironically, for a guy who teaches thousands of people to meet, train, and present online, I do, too! Here’s why you’re leaving money on the table if you don’t add online meetings to your portfolio of communication tactics.

Save travel time

For most executives, their time is worth more than worry about the cost of a plane ticket. That’s why they don’t worry about “saving travel costs” per se, but are missing a key benefit in their own productivity.

Increase sensory richness beyond a phone call

Most people’s learning and communicating preferences are visual and interactive.  They’re more engaged when they see and actively participate in the meeting.

Increase attentiveness

Video conferencing creates a sense of sitting-across-the-desk presence. If you worry about participants multi-tasking while on a conference call, it might be time to upgrade the experience.

Use VoIP to save audio conferencing costs

Here’s a tip your conference call provider doesn’t want you to know about: Better web conferencing vendors build in all-you-can-eat VoIP (voice over internet protocol). For many organizations this alone saves them more than the web conferencing subscription price.

Improve interpersonal connectedness and trust

Conference calls are obviously audio-only. Being able to see one another (with video conferencing) and share, present, and collaborate visually (seeing a computer desktop with web conferencing) enables natural interactions and trust.

Include a remote executive or subject matter expert

We live in a “get information now” world, and sometimes that information is in someone’s head. Increasing the executive team’s ease of accessing the right people at the right time increases that team’s agility.

The bottom line

To suggest that online meetings should replace in-person meetings would be irresponsible. Ignoring them, though, is a missed opportunity.

Now that you have a few more “whys” for online meetings, be sure to swing by Remote Meetings Revealed at EFAM 2013 for an action-packed hour of “hows!”

(Roger Courville is the “Chief Aha! Guy” at TheVirtualPresenter.com, author of The Virtual Presenter’s 102 Tips for Online Meetings, and on a mission to make his session at EFAM 2013 the most fun you will have the entire conference.)