EFAM: Don't Leave Your Career In The Cold

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In my last post, I summarized a recent report on big technology trends that will impact office professionals over the next several years. The post ends with a call to action: invest in professional development or risk irrelevance in your career. This post is a short follow-up on how to make that investment. The answer is simple: get an IAAP membership and register for EFAM 2013.

We try to keep this blog mostly free of marketing. But professional development and networking is what IAAP does, and it does these things well. We've been at it for more than 70 years now, cultivating the success of career-minded office professionals since World War II.

EFAM is the best annual event of its kind dedicated to the people who keep the gears of business running on a daily basis. IAAP has gathered an impressive cadre of industry experts for this year's gathering. There will be sessions about juggling multiple bosses, marketing communications, records management, data security, project management and coaching. That's just a partial list. Then there are the keynote speakers, who include war hero and Dancing With the Stars winner J.R. Martinez. Add in the networking with about 1,500 like-minded professionals from some of the world's largest companies.

I'd be remiss if I didn't bring this to your attention. Career training and development is too important for office professionals. That's the point of this video. For the sake of your own career, please consider registering today for EFAM 2013.