Top Travel Review Sites Every Admin Needs

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Ever show up to a hotel and find that it looks nothing like the plush, comfortable accommodations featured on the website? Have you purchased a plane ticket only to find that there are additional charges for online check-in and selecting a seat? Worse yet, have you ever subjected your executive to these situations because you unintentionally booked a travel dud?

You wouldn’t be the first.

Love it or hate it, travel planning is part of almost every admin’s job. Yet it can be a real guessing game, especially if you’re unfamiliar with your executive’s destination. Hotels, airlines, car rental and service companies are not always up front or entirely honest about their offerings.

These travel review sites and their related apps provide valuable advice, ratings, and feedback from travelers with first-hand experience and give admins peace of mind that they’re not sending their executives off on a trip into the unknown.

1.   The Travel Channel: Believe it or not, the international travel channel knows a thing or two about traversing the world. The site offers reviews and feedback on every place from Abilene to Zurich, as well as videos, photos, and guides to various locations across the globe.

2.   Tripadvisor: This site features a comprehensive, searchable list of honest reviews for destinations, hotels, restaurants, and more. Reviewers frequently post pictures with their insights, so you can get a more in-depth look at a particular destination without actually travelling there.

3.   Frommers: Frommers is a one-stop shop for reviews on destinations, hotels, restaurants and more, as well as trip ideas, deals, news, tips and tools, blogs, guides for purchase, and more. Sign up for their free newsletter and have the latest in travel news and deals delivered to your inbox. This is a nice, clean site that is easy to navigate and packed with helpful information no matter how much prior travel planning experience you may have.

4. Want all the nitty-gritty, raw, unbiased truth about a hotel? This site gives it to you straight, and provides photos to back up its reviews. You can search a specific hotel by name or investigate hotels in a specific city or area. Check it out and you’ll significantly decrease your executive’s chances of sharing a room with bed bugs or encounters with unseemly hotel staff.

5.   Christopher Elliott: Christopher Elliott is a consumer advocate, multimedia journalist and professional speaker known for his practical advice and creative solutions to customer-service problems primarily in the travel industry. His customer advocacy approach to researching, reporting, and resolving challenges your executives are likely facing in some of their own travels will provide relief and support at the same time.

6.   SeatGuru: With SeatGuru you never have to wonder if the seat your select is near the bathroom or other undesirable locations. The site features more than 700 airplane seat maps from nearly 100 different airlines. It also includes in-depth comments about seats with limited recline, reduced legroom, misaligned windows, in-seat power port locations, and galley, lavatory, exit row, and closet locations. 

As much as we’d like to personally check out each and every component of our executives’ trips, time constraints and travel budgets don’t allow for such diligence. However, we can ensure that our executives’ travels are as comfortable and as possible by doing our research, and reading reviews from those who’ve been there.

(Julie Perrine, CAP-OM, is the founder and CEO of All Things Admin, a company that provides training, mentoring and resources for administrative professionals worldwide.  Julie applies her administrative expertise and passion for lifelong learning to serving as an enthusiastic mentor, speaker and author who educates admins around the world on how to be more effective every day. Learn more about Julie's book - The Innovative Admin: Unleash the Power of Innovation in Your Administrative Career - and download our free travel itinerary template at Follow Julie on Twitter: “Like” All Things Admin on Facebook: