Making Split Windows A Snap

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By Sudhir Diddee

Administrative professionals are the ultimate multitaskers. They often find themselves having to draw information from multiple sources in to one spreadsheet or report. For Administrative Professionals Week, I wanted to offer some tips and tricks that can make these types of jobs a lot easier.

Anyone who has worked on budgeting or analyzing reports and has had to contend with collating information across two programs into the final deck or document can identify with the nightmare it can be. Comparing printouts or cutting and pasting the numbers across the programs can be a tough task. This single improvement has saved countless hours for me. Here’s how it works:

For a quick way of resizing windows, use Windows Snap. Simply drag a window to the edge of your screen and it will expand vertically taking up half of your screen.  Do it again for your second document, for side-by-side comparisons. Snap makes reading, organizing, and comparing documents easy.

For example, say you have a Microsoft PowerPoint document and a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Click on the mouse and drag the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to the farthest right of the screen, until you see a vertical rectangle.















Move the Microsoft PowerPoint document to the farthest left of the screen, and you will see the two windows side by side.


















Shortcuts to move the screens left and right:

Windows Logo key+ Left Arrow key

Maximize the window to the left side of the screen.

Windows Logo key+ Right Arrow key

Maximize the window to the right side of the screen.

In fact the Windows Logo Key and other combinations can usher in a whole new way of working.

If you are using Windows 8 Tablets try the following commands

Windows Logo key+ C

Displays the Windows 8 charms.

Windows Logo key+ D

Switch to desktop from the home screen

Windows Logo key+ M

Switch to desktop and minimize all open windows

Windows Logo key+ Q

Search using the Apps search scope

Your job demands that you juggle multiple tasks and bring together widespread information. You don't have time to waste. Use these simple tools to boost your productivity, make your office team happy and keep you from being split at the seams.

(Sudhir Diddee is the author of Priceless Computer Tips at Your Fingertips.  His latest book, called Priceless Excel Tips at Your Fingertips, has just been released. You can download sample chapters here. To learn more about the books visit