5 Ways To Make Every Work Day A Friday

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Ugh, not another Monday! Or Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursday. Are you wasting valuable energy and enthusiasm dreading every day that’s not Friday?

Okay, maybe you like Thursday because it’s the day before Friday. Perhaps you tolerate Wednesday because it’s the halfway point of the work week.

Come on, is Friday really the best day of the week? That all depends on your outlook. I'm here to tell you every workday could be the best day of the week.

Today I invite you to stop dreading Mondays and enjoy every workday as if it were Friday. You can make work feel less like work with the right attitude. You can get more out of your day and have more fun. Oh yeah, we’re gonna rock this workday like it’s a Friday!

1. Decide it’s going to be a great day
The best part of Friday isn’t really what happens throughout the day- it’s our attitude about it. We look forward to Friday all week. We wake up feeling happy just because it’s Friday.

Take that attitude and apply it every day. Decide today is going to be a great day! Be ready for awesome things to happen. With the right attitude you’ll anticipate the good stuff find it easier to move past the not-so-good stuff.

2. Don’t complain
The fastest way to a bad day is complaining. Complaining puts attention on the things we don’t like and I’ve found we tend to get more of whatever we focus on.

Try not complaining for a day even if you have legitimate complaints. Instead, focus on the good stuff you want more of. Pretty soon you’ll notice you get more of the good stuff and it will be easier to greet every day like it’s a Friday.

3. Treat yourself
Another behavior that sets Friday apart is treating ourselves on Fridays- after all we’ve earned it! Friday is the day we plan to leave early, go out to lunch, or meet friends for Happy Hour. What if we found small ways to treat ourselves the rest of the week?

Make a Monday lunch date so you have something fun to look forward to at the start of your workweek. Go out to Happy Hour on a Tuesday! Wednesday is a good day to indulge in a latte. Pick a Thursday to leave work a little early and enjoy some distraction-less “me” time. Treat yourself from time-to-time on a day other than Friday because you deserve a pick-me-up every day!

4. Smile
Smiling is good for our health. Smiling makes us more attractive to others, improves mood, relieves stress, shows confidence, boosts our immune system, and so much more good stuff!

When you smile it not only makes you feel better about your day, it makes other people around you happier, too. Smiling is a simple and easy way to add a little Friday to every day by boosting the overall mood of your office. It all starts with you!

5. Acknowledge a good day’s work
We work hard every day- isn’t it about time we recognized it? Recognition is a powerful motivator and we all deserve more of it, even if that recognition is as simple as taking 60 seconds at the end of the day to acknowledge what we accomplished.

Acknowledge a good day’s work every day, not just the end of the week. Practice recognizing accomplishments on a daily basis and you’re likely to feel great about every day!

What we think, we become. The more we tell ourselves Mondays are bad and Fridays are good, the more that’s exactly what we experience. We take neutral circumstances, such as the day of the week, and tell ourselves it is positive or negative. What if today is simply today, on equal terms with every other day?

Avoid valuing the days of the week and you may find yourself open to embracing today on today’s terms. Forget Friday, just go out there and have a great day!

Now are you ready to rock this day? Be open to the best in your work-life and the best is what you’ll get.

Chrysta Bairre is a writer, speaker, work-life advocate, and professional development and employee engagement specialist. She publishes weekly articles on her blog, Live Love Work. Follow @livelovework to keep up with Chrysta on Twitter.